Faith Bracelet5-min

All you need is a tiny bit of faith

This faith bracelet is inspired by the The Bible, and represents faith. It has real dried flowers along with a mustard seed that gives a subtle look to the bracelet.

You complete me <3

Customizable jigsaw puzzle necklaces that you can twin with your best friend, your partner, your mom or your siblings <3

Forever flower pots

Guess who can be a plant mom/dad now? Get these cutest crochet flower pots for your favorite corner – no water, no wilting, just endless yarn-tastic love!

Do you believe in dandelion wishes?

Here’s a truly unique and meaningful accessory you won’t want to miss! Made of dandelion seeds that represent wishes, hope and new beginnings.

The Birth Moon

Pick a date and we will get you the moon! Quite literally.

Customizing these moon pieces with your special date! You can use your date of birth, anniversary, and even your pet’s homecoming! Get creative!

Because I’m half-a-heart without you

These magnet bracelets are perfect for long distance best-friends and couples. You can customize them with your initials as well. You get to choose the colour of the band too!


A reminder that someone loves you even if you forget to love yourself. This ring has a rare flower known as the forget-me-not.

The Wishbone

Embrace Thanksgiving every day. This product is a symbol of gratitude. Inspired by the American tradition of Thanksgiving day.

Nature from around the world

We have a huge collection of necklaces made of real dried flowers including Daisies, Chrysanthemum, Plum Blossoms, Indian Roses and many more unique flowers from across the globe.

Not a mediocre ring!

This piece is handcrafted and has a real dried flower in it. The best part? No two flowers are the same and this one is specially and uniquely for you <3

Lovers of the moon

This product is very popular as a going away present, you get to choose your band color, the moon phases (according to birth dates, anniversary etc) and the initials too!


Never lose your page again – our bookmarks are the real page-turners! Check out our bookmarks made of real flowers, dandelion seeds and even moon phases from your special day!

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